Valentino/Touart look to hire prison contractor that has already been cited for misconduct

According to an email just received from the county, three companies were contacted by our Human Resources Department to make proposals on running the county jail:

– Corrections Corporation of America
– Management & Training Corporation
– Geo Global, Inc.

Two companies have come in to meet.

On 6/12 at 4:30 p.m., Corrections Corporation of America met with George Touart, Tom Turner, Gordon Pike, Amy Lavoy, Alison Rogers. The County provided 2012 Master Plan for the Jail and a CD of Jail Floor plans. The of CD of the jail floor plans is a protected document under records retention/Homeland security.

On 6/13 at 4:30 p.m., Management and Training Corporation met with George Touart, Tom Turner, Gene Valentino and Eric Haines from ESCO. The County provided them with the same information as above plus the four options that had been presented to the BOCC yesterday morning.

Management and Training Corporation has its own web page citing its misconduct…as does CCA.

The county commission needs to have Touart sign a statement that his employee leasing company doesn’t do, and will not after he retires, any business with these companies anywhere in the U.S.