Was Eagan deal a publicity stunt?

Did Tim Eagan “play” the city and the daily newspaper to get attention for his petition drive and development plan? Tuesday morning few people knew that Tim Eagan was doing a petition against the bond vote. There were rumors of others doing a petition, but there is always somebody doing a petition in Pensacola. Then suddenly the City signs an agreement with Eagan trading an audience with council for dropping his petition. Instead of following through with it, Eagan immediately runs to WEAR TV and the PNJ and claims he was pressured.

Eagan only gets a brief mention on WEAR but gets two days of coverage from the daily paper—-and will probably get another article tomorrow about his canceling his agreement.

Eagan gets a nice bump for his petition. More people know about his plan. The city looks foolish and he might even find something to sue them about.