Was Lt. Gov. Carroll forced out of office?

Art Rocker, chairman of the Florida Southern Christian Leadership Conference believes so. Rocker has issued the following statement:

Following the discussion of the “Stand your Ground” law and committee, Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll of Florida abruptly resigned. The question now is what is the real reason for her resignation? The assertion in the community among many of our constituents is that the Republican Party was concerned about her potential consideration of switching political parties. It was widely speculated that she was looking at taking a position with the Obama Administration, if asked. Has she become like a Colin Powell maverick to the Party? Why is she being targeted for an investigation that has been going on for several months or potentially years with the Law Enforcement? Furthermore, if this is about the contractual agreement with Allied Veterans, that was significantly before she became Lieutenant Governor of Florida.

Have we taken into account the lobbyists that are involved with these accusations concerning her affiliation with Allied Veterans? These lobbyists have relationships with a number of Politicians throughout the State of Florida. Their relationships include contact with many health related companies as well as Allied Veterans Inc. Former Lt. Governor Carroll is not like many of the people that are serving in Government who are rich and famous, she cannot purchase a seat in the State of Florida, nor can she give back earnings from a company that she co-owned, 3N. & J.C. Corporation.

Former Lt. Governor Carroll has been targeted in the past to distract from the wonderful work she was doing in office with frivolous accusations before. Floridians care about what she has done for Veterans and their families throughout American and her service in the State of Florida, not bogus claims without merit. Carroll is a friend and a sister of whom I never dreamed that I would see as Lt. Governor in Florida and she is highly respected within this state and beyond. She left abruptly with the feeling that she should not allow the people of Florida to bear these allegations. As we respectfully accept Carroll’s resignation, we must consider the plethora of politicians who are presently in their positions and have not been targeted for an investigation for doing business and accepting donations from Allied Veterans, “Cast ye the first stone.”

She has served as a great legislator, a mother, a devoted wife and worked her way up the military ranks in spite of the odds against her. I, along with ministers, veterans, mother, wives, husband, young adults, elderly, the frustrated, the forgivers, the underserved, the disenfranchised; we all stand for Jennifer Carroll and pray she stays in politics to represent us. It has been told that she and the Governor have not spoken to each other for several months; can we afford for the Governor of the State to not speak to those in his administration because of opposing views when it comes to the betterment of the states constituents and the State of Florida? Those who are paid to watch command should discuss things regardless of differences and varying points of view. Did Carroll get targeted for “Standing her Ground” for the people?

Why did this occur? There are many questions being asked? Did Carroll believe it was frivolous to fight Obama Care? Did she not agree with sending back funding appropriated for the State of Florida for a mass transit rail system that would supply thousands of jobs to Floridians and make transportation more efficient throughout the massive state? Did she not agree with Voters Suppression in Florida? The people know Carroll; she never agreed to sit idly by when it came to the best interest of the people in the State of Florida regardless of their party affiliation. With two sons and a daughter, Mrs. Carroll could not stand for the inconsequential use of assault weapons. Carroll would not sit in the Capitol, place her feet up on the table, smoke cigars and cut deals with corporate America at the expense of the great state of Florida and its people.

Maybe she is like Jonah in doing what she wants to do, but being God’s favorite. We all recognize the people of Florida have received mercy, now Carroll must take time out and sit under the vine. The world is sending out prays to Carroll. The people of Florida and beyond love her and we are looking for her to continue her Public Life and we know that she will succeed.