We interviewed Guiliani

We did interview GOP frontrunner Rudy Guiliani today on IN Your Head Radio as he was stepping on a plane for flight to St. Petersburg, Florida. Guiliani was sharp and quick-witted during the ten minute interview. We got into his attacks on Mitt Romney’s record on fighting crime and how Guiliani will rebuild our nation’s reputation abroad.

The former New York mayor said that he plans to come to Northwest Florida before the Jan. primary, maybe as earlier as next month. If he wins the nomination, Guiliani committed to fighting for the entire Florida delegation to be seated at the GOP national convention – currently only half will be allowed to vote at the convention because the state legislature moved up the primary date without the Republican National Committee’s approval.

When asked to rate fellow candidate Fred Thompson’s acting ability? Guiliani didn’t hesitate. “I think Fred is a fine actor. He did a good job of playing me.” Guiliani was the U.S. Attorney for NYC – a role similar to one that Thompson played on Law & Order