Wedgewood homeowners have questions about Rolling Hills closure

Wedgewood meetingWedgewood Homeowners Association wants to know what happens with the closure and clean-up of the Rolling Hills C&D Recycling landfill now that the company has surrendered its bond.

From: ghorning
Date: October 22, 2015 at 11:59:02 AM CDT
To: “Hamilton, Shawn”, “Jack R. Brown”

Subject: Rollings Hills agreement

Mr. Hamiltion,,

As a representative of the Wedgewood Homeowners Association, I am formally requesting the written agreement between the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and the owners of the Rolling Hills C&D Recycling landfill, aka:South Palafox Properties LLC. As we understand the latest information the owners have surrendered the bond for the FDEP to complete clean-up, however, South Palafox Properties will maintain ownership of the property.

If the bond does not cover the complete clean-up who will be billed for the additional funds — state or county taxpayers? Or will there be a lean on the property?

As owners of homes in this community we have been subject to years and years of polluted air, soil and water. We are now suffer with a variety of health issues and are unable to move from the neighborhood because of the pollution surrounding our communities.

We are remain concerned about our health and the utlimate outcome of the property that is in the center of our community.

With respect,

Gloria G. Horning, Ph.D.
Wedgewood Home Owners Association