Weekend Buzz: State prison in Santa Rosa ranks near top in use of force

Jail Bars
The Miami Herald published yesterday an article on Santa Rosa Correctional Institution. It ranks as third in the state prisons for the most use-of-force reports, 2003-2013:

1) Union C.I. 13,105

2) Charlotte 12,002

3) Santa Rosa 11,241

The article opens with the death of an inmate, Jerry Washington.

In 2013, Washington filed a sexual harassment complaint against a guard. He complained in subsequent complain that the officer and two others threatened to kill him.

From the article:

On Sept. 10, 2013, he sent his sister a copy of the grievances and warned her that if anything happened to him, it would be no accident.

Seven days later, Washington was dead.

Since his death, inmates have alleged “a climate of racism, brutality, negligence and sexual harassment at Santa Rosa.”

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