Westside Community Meeting on May 31

Residents in Pensacola City Council District 7 have received postcards notifying them of a community meeting 5:30-7:30 p.m. Thursday, May 31 in the Fricker Resource Center, 900 North F St. District 7 includes the western portion of North Hill, Tanyard and Sanders Beach neighborhoods.

The topic is “Community Issues.” The postcard came from the City of Pensacola Office of City Council, but District 7 Councilwoman Jewel Cannada-Wynn had her name, email address and phone number blocked on the card.


5 thoughts on “Westside Community Meeting on May 31

  1. Dan,

    Jewell Canada-Wynn has always “sold out” her constituents for political favor from the Mayor. She only does these “public” sessions to appear like she listens. Clearly, the voters deserve better.

  2. I went to the meeting and learned that my Councilwoman does not care what we want and that she will vote the way she wants. That’s what she said. I wish I was kidding. The comment was in regards to the Bayview Center funding.

  3. I misunderstood, is this an open meeting for residents near Westside regarding community issues, or only for district 7 residents?

  4. Thank you, Rick! I wouldn’t have known about this except for this article. New homeowner in Brownsville saying thank you!

  5. I didn’t receive one and so far no one I know has received one.. maybe it was it in the mail..
    Thanks for letting us know Rick.

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