What a school superintendent can do

Cami Anderson, a New York school superintendent, made Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential list. Why? “In New York City’s then infamous District 79, Cami declared that whether a child had been incarcerated or pregnant or had dropped out, aged out or flunked out, she could still nurture her genius, learn, develop and, yes, graduate.:

Imagine if Malcolm Thomas could break out of his narrow box and actually have the same vision for Escambia County. He would have to admit his shortcomings and drop his racial stereotypes. He would have to replace some of his leadership team. He would have to treat all his students, teachers and schools the same regardless of their sex, race and demographics.

Unlike Thomas’ failed turnaround at Warrington Middle School, Anderson has achieved one in a much harder environment.

We don’t have to accept mediocrity. It’s time we all open our eyes and realize educators around the country are succeeding where the Escambia County School District administration is failing.