What does BP need to do to make it right?

I asked County Commissioner Grover Robinson what would BP needs to do make it right—as they claim they will do in their ads.

“If they were going to make it right, they would begin right now asking what are the resources we need,” said Commissioner Robinson. “They’ve been here five days. They know what we’re doing. They would be ordering stuff right now. They would be sparing no expenses.

“…Rick, we are talking about things so simple. This isn’t rocket science. Just give us the technology to do the job. I have yet to see them put forward nickels and dimes for clean-up.

“If they were going to make it right, they would come down here and start writing purchase orders. I think we’re getting a lot of placating to try to make us feel good.

“There is a lot of frustration. I get the phones. I know you get the phone calls, too. We talk to people who want something done. They want action. They trust their local government and the local government is the only one trying to stand up for them right now. We’re trying to get something done.”