What the heck is going on in the District 2 GOP primary

Illegal robo calls and glossy mailers, neither identify the PAC or person paying for them. The mailers even have postage stamps so that no one can track who mailed them or how many were sent out.

All this is done to discredit a candidate who was a virtual unknown two months ago, a man running against a two-time incumbent and seasoned politician that was considered a possible Lt. Governor for Rick Scott.

Why are these dirty tactics necessary?

I hate negative campaigning, particularly illegal tactics. I hope the voters can see through the bovine excrement and focus on the candidates and the issues. There are only five members on the Board of County Commissioners – District 2 seat is critical.

Sheriff David Morgan, State Rep. Mike Hill, ECUA Board members Lois Benson, Dale Perkins and Vicki Campbell and the FOP (law enforcement union) have lined up behind challenger Doug Underhill.

State Sen. Greg Evers, Commissioner Wilson Robertson, former Sheriff Ron McNesby and the ATU local chapters (ECAT and County workers) are working to re-elect Commissioner Gene Valentino.

This is a battle, but it doesn’t have to be so nasty. The old saying applies: “When you fight with a pig, you both get dirty – and the pig likes it.”