What word will President Obama say most often in speech?

Paddy Power, Europe’s largest betting company, are now taking bets on which word will US President Barack Obama say most often during his campaign speech at North Carolina University on Thursday.

The Irish betting house make “jobs”, something that’s always high on the agenda, their favourite at 5/2 closely followed by “Housing” and “Education” which are both available at odds of 10/3.

Further down in the betting are Obama’s Republican opponent “Romney” at 6/1 while Obama’s buzzwords from his last campaign “Change” and “Hope” are at odds of 8/1 and 17/2 to be the most repeated phrases respectively.

Unsurprising following Clint Eastwood’s speech last week his name is amongst the outsiders at an unlikely 33/1 while the phrase “Hot-Dogging” which was used in Eastwood’s speech is at an even more unlikely 100/1.

Féilim Mac An Iomaire, a spokesperson for Paddy Power, said “Many of us will be listening intently during Obama’s speech tomorrow night but none more so than our customers who have money riding on it.”

Which word will Obama say most?
5/2 Jobs
10/3 Housing
10/3 Education
4/1 Healthcare
9/2 Economy
5/1 Republicans
6/1 Romney
7/1 Debt
15/2 Middle-class
15/2 Employment
8/1 Change
17/2 Hope
10/1 Renew
12/1 Equality
12/1 Income tax
12/1 Interest rate
16/1 Capital
16/1 Billionaires
20/1 Failure
20/1 Iraq
25/1 Businessman
33/1 marathon
33/1 Clint
100/1 Hot-dogging
100/1 Punk