Where are Marty, Luke & Jack getting $15M figure?

I have before me the CMPA budget for the money it received from the 2009 bond issuance. It was approved May 25, 2010. The stadium construction budget from the bond funds isn’t $15 million. It’s $11,148,514.

Site work: $75,734
Foundation Systems: $858,650
Termite control: $7,606
Building structure: $5,781,448
Concourse: $295,604
Playing Field and irrigation: $460,200
Gates, fences, railings, walls: $196,457
Sound systems & LED Line Scoreboard: $275,000
Signage and wayfinding system: $100,000
Specialties and equipment: $79,160
Conveying systems: $124,800
Mechanical: $671,445
Plumbing and fire protection: $709,600
Fire protection: $177,589
Electrical: $1,335,221

Total: $11,148,514

Now there is an additional $11,891,230 in New Market Tax Credits that have been received and have been added to the maritime park. The stadium has been budgeted $1,225,000 of the NMTC. This still doesn’t total $15M for the stadium.

And Ed Gray has made it very clear that if the stadium is deleted from the project, the NMTC will be taken back by the investors. So there is no $15M that Marty & Jack can play with if the stadium was dropped from the park.

Marty and his followers want to invalidate the vote four years ago and claim that the voters were lied to when they passed the referendum in 2006. Shouldn’t they be truthful when they ask people to sign the petition?