Whitehead new board chairman

For the second time in his four-year term, Mike Whitehead will be the chairman of the Escambia County commission. He last served in 2005. County insiders thought he would be the chair again in 2006, but fellow commissioner Gene Valentino surprised everyone by nominating Kevin White instead.

The BOCC has a new policy in which they rotate the chairmanship in numerical order. Whitehead serves District 1 so he succeeds White.

The big losers in this new policy are Marie Young and Grover Robinson. Young will not have served as board chairman during her current four-year term. However, she did hold the spot in 2004 when she was running for re-election. It would seem that it should have been her term again 2008. Robinson will have to be re-elected in 2010 to serve as chair in 2011.

BOCC Chairman
2005 Bill Dickson
2006 Mike Whitehead
2007 Kevin White
2008 Mike Whitehead

2009 Gene Valentino
2010 Marie Young – if she is re-elected in 2008
2011 Grover Robinson – if he is re-elected in 2010
2012 Kevin White -if he is re-elected in 2008