Whitehead – this is no favor

Duwayne Escobedo contacted Commissioner Whitehead about adding Cody Rawson’s development to tonight’s agenda:

County Commission Chairman Mike Whitehead says, “I’m not doing a favor. I’m doing what I would do for any other development plat that was approved. I’m not doing anything differently.”

He says the development was an add-on because it earned approval after the agenda was approved a 1 1/2 weeks ago.

“We do this for (RGB Developer Dan) Gilmore all the time,” Whitehead says. “What you posted is total B.S. It’s an insult to me.”

Whitehead says it doesn’t make sense to make any development wait an additional two weeks until the commission meets again just because of a “ministerial function.” He says making a plat wait may lead to higher interest rates. “We’re trying to keep affordable housing,” he says.