Who are the 20 supporters for Peacock’s proposal

The PNJ has reported online: “The roughly 20-member group has been holding meetings for the past few months to put together a proposal to look at creating a new form of government for Escambia County.” We posted the draft of the proposal earlier today.

Who’s in the “roughly 20-member group?” Inweekly has received copies of the emails circulated about the meetings. This appears to be roster.

  1. Jerry Maygarden
  2. Kenneth Bell
  3. Rusty Branch
  4. Dickie Appleyard
  5. John Hosman
  6. Jason Crawford
  7. Vicki H. Campbell
  8. Alan McMillan
  9. Deb Corbin
  10. Dave Murzin
  11. Myra Van Hoose
  12. Ed Fleming
  13. J.C. Tellefson
  14. Connie Bookman
  15. Maggie Thomley
  16. Butch Hansen
  17. Brian Wyer
  18. John Peacock

The list includes one elected official (Vicki Campbell, ECUA),  two unsuccessful county commission candidates (Alan McMillan and  Dave Murzin), two former state reps (Murzin and Jerry Maygarden) and a former Florida Supreme Court justice (Ken Bell).

Three served on 2009 Consolidation Study Commission: Bell (chairman), John Peacock, and Ed Fleming. Jason Crawford was co-chairman of Escambia All For One, the political action committee promoting the consolidation charter.

Another group of 12 was copied on the emails:

  1. Lisa Nellessen Savage
  2. Ellis Bullock
  3. Frank White
  4. Walker Wilson
  5. Mollye Barrows
  6. Collier Merrill
  7. Amber McClure
  8. Karen Sindel
  9. LuTimothy May
  10. Jane Spruill
  11. Doug Brown
  12. Meg Burke

Since Lisa Nellessen Savage is the PNJ executive editor, I assume the daily newspaper’s reporters have access to the same documents and emails that we’ve received.

Who served on the Escambia County Consolidation Study Commission in 2009?

Former Florida Supreme Court Judge Ken Bell was the chair. Dr. Rick Harper of the UWF HAAS Center was the vice chair and retired Marine Col. C.J. Lewis was the secretary.

Other members and who appointed them:
John Peacock, Edward Jones by Commissioner Wilson Robertson
Ed Fleming, attorney by Commissioner Gene Valentino
Gerald McKenzie, attorney, by Commissioner Marie Young
Rick Finch, Actigraph, by Commissioner Grover C. Robinson
Rusty Tanner, Hill Kelly Dodge, by Commissioner Kevin White

Pensacola City Council: Christopher J. Lewis and Clarry Ellis, UBS Financial Services

Century Town Council/Mayor: Charles L. Scott, Sr.

Escambia Taxpayers’ Association, Inc: Jeremy Brown, Williams-Brown, Inc. (2009 IN Rising Star)

League of Women Voters: Sharon L. Barnett, attorney

Pensacola Young Professionals: John Gormley, SunTrust Bank

Escambia County Farm Bureau: Jimmy Cunningham

Home Builders Association of West Florida: Stephen R. Moorhead, attorney

University of West Florida: Rick Harper

Sheriff David Morgan: Col. Darlene F. Dickey, attorney for the Sheriff’s Office

Tax Collector Janet Holley: Richard Stone, deputy tax collector

Property Appraiser Chris Jones: Enoch Leatherwood, chief deputy property appraiser

Clerk of the Circuit Court Ernie Lee Magaha: Cheryl Maher, Circuit Court clerk

Supervisor of Elections David Stafford: Michael Hardin

Chief Judge Kim Skievaski: Janet Lander, former county attorney, and Kenneth B. Bell

Escambia County School Board: Norm Ross, deputy superintendent of schools

Emerald Coast Utilities Authority: Tim Common



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  1. Sounds about right. Is anyone surprised by any of this?

    I think my favorite part is the brazen insults to the BOCC encompassed in the composition of some the people involved and the tasks that some of them were assigned. Not exactly a political tour de force in the making.

    People had to know all of this was going to go public at some point. Which tells me that they already know they are going to have to try the signature route, so why not just flaunt their total disdain and lack of respect for the BOCC out of the gate? My only wonder is why on earth they are even bothering with the COW. I’m so glad they are, though hahaha… This is going to be fun.

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