Who was that with Michelle?

 The White House released today the bios of those asked to attend the State of the Union Address in First Lady Michelle Obama’s box.
The list included Amber Morris, a Virginia Beach resident who responded to the White House’s call in December asking Americans “What does 40 mean to you?” by saying, “Forty dollars a pay check means that I’ll be able to pay my bills, but most months it’ll be a tight squeeze.  It means that I’ll have no spending money which means I can’t do my part in encouraging my local economy.  Forty dollars a paycheck may not seem a lot, but it could mean a steady job for me and my coworkers or unemployment.” Ms. Morris graduated from Northeastern Law School in 2008 and found herself unable to find a job in her field.  She was working for a non-profit in Boston, but after they lost funding she found herself unemployed in 2009 and forced to move back home with her parents. She’s since found work as a waitress in a local restaurant and although it’s less than ideal, she feels “lucky to have paycheck” to help pay student loans and help save up for the Virginia bar exam.