Wife asks to reduce Mark Turner’s sentence

One of the strangest interviews I did while covering the Billings murders was with Mark Turner. He shared a lot of insights on the used car business.

At the time, Turner was involved with a large civil case and was appealing a conviction on money laundering. He was waging a social media campaign to avoid jail time. He told me that his home had been broken into two years earlier and he thought the attempt was tied to the murders of Bud and Melanie Billings. (Turner: “Gonzalez tried to ‘hit’ me”)

Turner lost his case and was sentenced to 12.5 years in prison. His wife and family are trying to get his sentence commuted.

Dear Friends,

We are attempting to prepare clemency papers to reduce Mark’s sentence to time served, Mark qualifies for clemency and commutation of sentence and/or probation under Gov. Rick Scott’s new guidelines because he has served half of his 12.5 year sentence per DOC release date of 12/12/2018. His DOC number is 0-473920 and he is currently housed at Okaloosa Work Camp in Crestview.

Once again I am asking for your grace in writing a letter on his behalf that we can include with the application papers.

I am putting together the application necessary and we are allowed to include letters of support. You letters should not focus on the injustice or corruption of Mark’s case. It should be a positive letter to appeal to sympathy and mercy. The letters should be addressed to our Governor Rick Scott. Please take a moment to look him up so that you can see he is a devoted Methodist, strong family man, ex-Navy, from working class parents who understands what it’s like to struggle to pay bills and raise and educate a family on a single income.

These letters or emails can be sent to me at nkt65@aol.com or Nancy Turner 1281 Grand Ridge Circle Gulf Breeze, Florida 32563. Please be so kind as to have them to me by August 27 because that is our deadline.

Please address the letters to Office of Executive Clemency 4070 Esplanade Way , Tallahassee, Florida 32399-2450 and include your name and address and phone number. Please include how long you have lived in the state of Florida. Please include how you met Mark or how long you have known him. Also feel free to comment on why you think Mark should have his sentence reduced to time already served and his probation removed.

I greatly appreciate all your efforts over the years and realize this is another time consuming request and I would plead that you would oblige.

Love and Prayers,
Nancy and the Boys