Wilson Breaks Rib, Punctures Lung

wilson robertsonEscambia County Commissioner Wilson Robertson has a broken rib and punctured lung, but says he still plans to make it to Thursday’s commission meeting in order to discuss Sheriff David Morgan’s recent offer to continue running the county jail for another year.

“I may be in a wheelchair, but I’m gonna try to get there because I’ve got to hear from everybody else,” Robertson said this morning, adding that he wanted to get input from county staff and would be keeping an “open mind” about Morgan’s offer.

The commissioner’s injuries are due to a fall taken following a recent surgery on his foot, which required him to use a walker.

“So, I’m hobbling around with a walker,” Robertson recounted the fall. “My walker went one way and I went another. I slipped and fell across my ribs on my bathtub.”

The fall broke a rib, which punctured the commissioner’s lung. Robertson said he was thankful that the puncture, and fall in general, was not more serious.

“It could really have been much worse if I’d hit my head,” the commissioner noted.