Wisc. paper disputes P’cola as McCain Country

The alt-weekly in Madison, Wisc., The Isthmus, has a daily feature on its website that is much like our INdaily on inweekly.net.

Reporter Phil Ball believes that he can measure the Obama’s lead by counting the number of grassroots events within a zip code. According to Ball, Obama leads in such events just about everywhere, even Pensacola.

Pensacola, Florida…..McCain country if ever there was such a place. Training ground for Navy flyers (although in McCain’s case, he didn’t learn too much, losing five planes.) Where two out of every three people are registered as Republicans.

Surely, if any place is going to frown on Obama and go ga-ga over McCain and Palin, it’s Pensacola.

And yet, here’s what my research shows:
The McCain events around Pensacola (32501), 25-mile radius: One event, Ed Morgan’s debate watching get-together in Gulf Breeze, Oct. 15. In 100 miles, there were four events, Ed’s gig again plus three events billed as, “Straight Talk on Highway 98! Join us…in front of Walgreens in Daphne, Alabama.”

For the same Pensacola zip code, Obama’s site showed 31 events within 25 miles and 62 within 100.

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