World Renew coming to assess flood-related needs

BRACE and the Escambia County Long-Term Recovery Group have requested the services of a national disaster recovery group to determine who in the community will not be able to rebuild and recover without assistance. A team of World Renew volunteers will conduct one-on-one interviews with flood survivors from September 2 – 12. This process will help to prioritize individual and family needs and connect survivors with organizations offering long-term support. Several voluntary organizations have committed to sending volunteer reconstruction teams to our community to assist survivors in their recovery once the needs can be defined and prioritized. Those volunteer organizations will be assisting survivors with unmet disaster caused needs with reconstruction.

BRACE and the Escambia County Long Term Recovery Group are organizing 3 walk-in locations across the County from September 2 -12. Residents affected by the flood who require assistance for flood recovery are encouraged to visit a walk-in center to complete a short interview regarding flood losses and recovery needs. World Renew volunteers will also be canvassing neighborhoods in some areas of the County. Volunteers will be wearing green shirts with the World Renew logo and will be wearing identification.

All information given at the walk-in centers is confidential and will assist designated case managers to help residents connect with available resources. The information will also help to develop a detailed estimate of the total cost for recovery in the community which helps BRACE and the Long Term Recovery Group as well as government agencies to secure recovery funds and donations of building materials and supplies needed to assist survivors with their recovery.

Interview questions are straightforward and should not require residents to supply any paperwork, although if flood survivors do have a FEMA number, they are asked to bring that with them to the center. Locations, days and hours of the walk-in centers include:

Richards Memorial United Methodist Church
2600 W. Strong St., Pensacola, FL 32505 (Use Strong St. entrance)

Tuesday, Sept 2 – Saturday Sept 6 11AM to 7PM
Monday, Sept 8 – Friday Sept 12 11AM to 7PM

Allen Memorial United Methodist Church.
208 Pace Parkway, Cantonment, FL 32533

Wednesday, Sept 3 11AM to 7PM
Friday, Sept 5 11AM to 7PM
Monday, Sept 8 11AM to 7PM
Wednesday, Sept 10 11AM to 7PM
Friday, Sept 12 11AM to 7PM

Pleasant Grove Baptist Church
9301 Gulf Beach Hwy, FL 32507

Tuesday, Sept 2 11AM to 7PM
Thursday, Sept 4 11AM to 7PM
Sat, Sept 6 11AM to 7PM
Tues, Sept 9 11AM to 7PM
Thurs, Sept 11 11AM to 7PM

For more information please contact the Escambia County Long-Term Recovery Group, at 850-292-8024 or or

Over 10,000 families in Escambia County, Florida registered for FEMA assistance following the April 29 & 30 flood. Only 9% of the families determined to be eligible for FEMA assistance had flood insurance. Over 30% of the families determined to be eligible for FEMA assistance include a member of the household that is 60 years of age or older. Nearly 3,900 of those determined to be eligible for assistance had household income considered by HUD to be low income. The maximum grant provided by FEMA was $32,400.