YMCA Statement

ymcaStatement from YMCA President Steve Williams on Negotiations for Maritime Y:

“For the past month, the Y has tried to navigate the process of negotiating a sublease for a parcel on the Community Maritime Park. Based on two city council meetings, one CMPA Audit and Operations meeting, two CMPA meetings and multiple meetings with City Administration, it’s clear to us that the process is broken, if one exists at all.
We would like to thank the City Council for their vote of support, but we are saddened that the CMPA failed to follow their directive, and that our City government as a whole is unable to establish a workable negotiation process.  This not only deters future investment at Maritime Park but also results in the loss of expanded community services, youth programming, construction jobs, and accessible health care options for downtown Pensacola through a new Maritime Y.
Based on the confusion between the City Administration, the city council and CMPA regarding their respective authority to negotiate a SubLease Agreement at Maritime Park, the Executive Committee is recommending to the Board of Directors that we withdraw from any further negotiations with these entities for construction of a new Maritime Y. 
A final decision will be made at the YMCA’s board of directors meeting Monday, March 25, 2013.”

                                                                                 – Steve Williams, President – Board of Directors, Northwest Florida YMCA