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Friday October 31st 2014

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Grand jury indicts Beulah Seven

The grand jury has indicted Leonard Patrick Gonzalez, Jr., Leonard Patrick Gonzalez, Sr., Wayne Thomas Coldiron, Gary Lamont Sumner, Jr., Frederick Lee Thornton, Jr., Rakeem Chavez Florence and Donnie Ray Stallwortheight people in the Byrd and Melanie Billings murder case. The six men and one [...]

Nodine catches heat

Nodine catches heat

Steve Nodine, the Mobile County commissioner who was paraded before the Escambia County Commission as an expert of economic development, is being criticized by the Mobile Press Register for jeopardizing economic development efforts in their area. According to the paper, Nodine is trying to [...]

New council, same problems

New council, same problems

Today the Pensacola City Council has a workshop on the proposed new city charter. The word is the council will do nothing. They will do as their predecessors have done--vote to study it more. As in years past, this council that was elected to change things will try make us believe that studying an [...]

Inside Car City: Bud, Cab

The used car business is a closed society, a private club that doesn't like outsiders. Since the murders of Bud and Melanie Billings, I have tired to gather information on two figures tied to the used car business - Bud and Cab Tice. No one will go on the record, but several have been willing [...]


Pensacola is not the only Florida city with a car smuggling problem. On March 24, the FBI and local law enforcement arrested 13 individuals in Tampa and Miami, Florida and Chicago, Illinois without incident. Four individuals are still being sought by authorities in connection with OPERATION [...]


The Escambia County Sheriff’s Office is looking for suspects wanted in connection with drive-by around 10 p.m. Sunday near New Mexico Drive in the Oakcrest area. No one was injured. We are hearing that the drive-by shootings are part of an gang initiation. No one has to be hit, but a gun has [...]

Mexican organized crime moving into Pcola?

The possible Mexican mafia connection to the Billings case has been rumored from the very beginning. Our sources that told me about the contract hit motive also mentioned the Mexican mafia, but I couldn’t find anything to substantiate the rumor. There have been two major drug busts in the [...]

Tice and Mexican mafia

Sheriff David Morgan's comment about Henry "Cab" Tice and the used car dealer's admission that he was involved with the Mexican mafia has almost been overlooked by most of the media. I interviewed Sheriff Morgan yesterday about Tice's organized crime connections. Morgan said that Tice not only [...]

Tice arrest report

On 5/22/08, Tice wrote twelve checks to Worldco that were returned non-sufficient funds. Total checks is $17,342.51. They were to pay for vehicles and services conducted through Worldco and Hispanic-American Auto Sales. Billings had provided legal copies of the checks to the ECSO in [...]

Newsweek reports Tice investigated in Ala. too

Newsweek has an online article on the Billings case. Senior Reporter Catharine Skipp spent nearly two weeks in the area working on the story. In it, she reports: Another individual made similar allegations against Tice to police in Foley, Ala., home to another of his businesses. There, Det. [...]

The longest day..it’s a humdinger

The longest day..it’s a humdinger

August 6, 2009 will go down as one of the longest days in my life as a journalist. We were dealing with two rumors all day. One was the Escambia County Sheriff's Office was once again pushing to get an arrest warrant for Henry Cab Tice, the used car dealer who I had reported over a week ago as a [...]

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