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Tuesday May 26th 2015

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ECSO proposes $4 million budget cut

Sheriff David Morgan has proposed a reduced budget for 2009-10 - $74,681,845. This is a $4.036 million budget cut, 5.1 percent reduction. Elimination of Helicopters $800K Replace Jail Health Contract with in-house service $1.8M Renegotiate Food Services Contract $100K Retirements in this year [...]

Pinks slips sent to Santa Rosa teachers

Santa Rosa teachers were mailed pink slips last week as Santa Rosa County School District tries to cope with shrinking budget. The teachers without tenure are being told that their contracts will not be renewed for the 2009-10 school year. Positions may open up, but the nontenured teachers [...]

PCB rethinks Spring Break

The Bay County Tourist Development Council is rethinking its partnership with mtvU's, the gold standard for marketing to college students. The Panama City Beach City Council has agreed to toughen requirements for special-events permits that would force event sponsors to develop a more in-depth plan [...]

Gas prices rise

Gasoline prices jumped 9 cents last week. The average price for a gallon of regular, unleaded gasoline in Florida was $2.09 on Sunday, compared with $2 a week ago. The national average was nearly $2.05, compared with $1.95 a week ago, according to a weekly fuel report released by AAA Auto Club. A [...]

Elebash misstates facts in viewpoint

C.C. Elebash misstates the facts in his March 28 PNJ viewpoint, "Start slow with park infrastructure ": "The CRA would now have negative cash flow if its bonds had been sold in 2007." This is simply not true. I guess Elebash assumes that the City Council would not have allocated the CRA funds [...]

Elebash costs fire pension $3 million

I'm not serious, but that would be how Elebash, Fairchild and others would be spinning the losses of the City Fire Pension, if Quint Studer had been the one that voted to use Merrill Lynch, not Elebash. It's the type of half-truth the Save Our City cult loves. C.C. Elebash voted to hire Merrill [...]

Elebash wants CMP, not stadium

Surprise, surprise. In his viewpoint in the PNJ today, C.C. Elebash wants the park infrastructure- roads, utilities, grading and environmental work-done, but nothing else on the CMP property. This creates few jobs and adds nothing to the property tax rolls. However, it does fall into Elebash's [...]

McLaughlin exacts revenge on ECSO?

The Escambia County is getting two Byrne Grants. The Byrne Grants give federal assistance to state and local law-enforcement agencies to fight crimes. The funds can used for Law enforcement programs; Prosecution and court programs; Prevention and education programs; Corrections and community [...]

Council passes Curbside recycling

Last the Pensacola City Council approved curbside recycling. Congratulations to last year's Leadership Pensacola class who took this on as a project. They have succeeded in getting both ECUA and the City to adopt curbside recycling.

Anti-CMP experiment shows why P’cola moves slow

I thank my regular blog readers for indulging me in my week-long experiment with the anti-CMP cult. Since 2005, we have had a small group of naysayers out to stop the Community Maritime Park. Even though they lost the city-wide referendum in September 2006, they still want to stop to the CMP and [...]

More Prostitution arrests (photos)

More Prostitution arrests (photos)

Prostitution Arrests in Brownsville Area On March 23rd into the early morning hours of March 24th, Escambia Deputies conducted another Prostitution sting in the area around Brownsville. The sting netted 15 total arrests. Twelve of the arrests were men who were charged with solicitation. The [...]

Mythbusted: Independent Baseball Thrives

The anti-CMP cult like to scoff at the Pensacola Pelicans because they aren't affiliated with a major league baseball team. They call them - semi-professional or a hobby team. They call the American Association a sub-professional league. They insinuate that no city, especially Pensacola, would [...]

Locals out of work, Birmingham firm recommended

A email received today: Thank you for your recent article. My husband, a local architect, is now out of work as one of the casualties from the decision made by our City of Pensacola government. What were they thinking? Why would they not want to keep our tax dollars here locally? The whole [...]

Economic Development: who will be in charge

Politics may take over Economic Development in Escambia County. Some may argue that it already has, but now we have two options facing us. Mort O'Sullivan, chairman of the Pensacola Chamber of Commerce, has been meeting with a task force to restructure how the county handles economic [...]

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