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Sunday April 20th 2014

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Memo explains $1 million error, oops

Al Coby has sent the Pensacola City Council an email explaining that there are three appraisals for the airport property on which Sandspur Development wants to build a Hyatt hotel, not one as the staff had told the Enterprise Committee on Monday. "Upon further review of the project files, it is [...]

Boone report: Coby admits error

By IN reporter Sean Boone According to City Manager Al Coby, city staff did not recognize two appraisals that were made for the 11.44-acre airport property that council has recommended to be leased to Sandspur Development to construct a hotel. Coby says a formal appraisal of $7.1 million and [...]

From It Smells Dept: Speaker Sansom gets college vp job

Florida House Speaker Ray Sansom is the VP of Planning and Development for Northwest Florida State College. The job pays $110,000 per year. Duties: 1) Oversight of the college foundation 2) Development of agreements with local governments for training related to the college's new Community [...]

Too much to think tonight

This week is a microcosm of what is wrong with City of Pensacola government and the current city council. Staff hid from the city council the fact that there were other higher appraisals for the airport hotel property. The Enterprise Committee - Jack Nobles, Mike DeSorbo, Marty Donovan and Mike [...]

Anatomy of a city problem

The other appraisals for the airport hotel property came to light after attorney Bob Kerrigan made a request this morning of Airport Director Frank Miller of any and all appraisals for the property in question. "I wasn't out to cause any problem," says Kerrigan in a telephone interview. "I was [...]

Oops, there is a higher appraisal for airport property

We received a tip that city staff has "discovered" an appraisal of the airport property on which Sandspur Development wants to build a hotel. It was for $7 million, not the $6 million that the Sandspur Development agreement is based. Interim City Manager Al Coby has not returned our calls to [...]

District 8 campaign expenses

Diane Mack Total $14, 206.59 Votes: 12,408 Bulk Mailing: $6,630.37 Design: $2,204.27 Printing: $1,240.87 Stamps : $1,148.20 Signs: $1,053.50 Billboard: $744.00 Radio Advertising: $600.00 Qualifying Fee: $189.98 Halloween Campaign Promotion: $178.20 Movement for Change: $160.00 [...]

Boone report: Council committee round-up

By IN Reporter Sean Boone After hearing a presentation from All For One Escambia co-chair Scott Remington, City Council voted to approve a consolidated form of government for charter review. Councilman John Jerralds said, Change is now taking an odor and said a unified government between city [...]

Traffic crashes blog

We're getting more bandwidth. Sorry for the delays.

District 9 campaign expenses

Megan Pratt $37,984.65, Vote: 17,859 Postage: $16,659.86 Printing: $12,368.11 Yard signs: $5,136.00 T-shirts: $1,358.37 Mailing: $1,108.43 Party food: $430.43 Filing fee: $189.98 Newspaper ad: $176.00 Photos: $150.00 Team meeting food: $111.17 Petty Cash: $100.00 Post [...]

House GOP goes on retreat

Today our Republican state lawmakers gather for a three-day retreat at Santa Rosa Beach at the Water Colors, where waterfront rooms go for $325 a night. In 2006, a similar event was held and paid for by the Republican Party of Florida - thanks to hefty contributions of lobbyists. Sure the state [...]

Other counties are closing schools

St. Pete Times reports Pinellas school administrators have identified five elementary schools that could be closed next year as the district deals with budget problems and long-running enrollment declines. This year's spending will be cut by at least $21-million — not $13.8-million as was [...]

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