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Tuesday December 1st 2015

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Buzz: Problems at Warrington Middle

Buzz: Problems at Warrington Middle

We hear that the administration at Warrington Middle School is under investigation. According to our sources, staff has been instructed by Superintendent Malcolm Thomas not to communicate with the media or send out any emails or written memos on the problems. Warrington Middle School has been a [...]

Air America Radio RIP

Air America Radio RIP

The liberal national radio network, Air America Radio, signs off for the last time next Monday. The company is filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy, just a few weeks shy of its sixth anniversary. Here is the official statement from its website: It is with the greatest regret, on behalf of our [...]

Ard video not to be released until inquest

Ard video not to be released until inquest

Just got off the phone with State Attorney Bill Eddins. He says that the video from the camera inside Officer Ard's patrol car will not be released to the media and the public until the start of the inquest. "This has always been our policy," Eddins said. He expects the inquest will be in four [...]

Billings case: Monday, July 13

Billings case: Monday, July 13

NINJAS ON VIDEO Monday, July 13 The national media onslaught is in full swing. The ECSO parking lot is filled with media vans. Sheriff Morgan’s day begins with interviews on Good Morning America, CBS Early Show and Today Show. At 5 a.m. Morgan tells GMA that the robbery “was carried out [...]

Billings case: Sunday, July 12 part 2

Billings case: Sunday, July 12 part 2

CONTRACT HIT Sunday, July 12 Shortly after 7 p.m., a warrant for Wayne Coldiron is issued charging him with murder. Investigator James O’Hara, along with several other investigators and patrol units, go to 210 Yokum Court in Brent area to pick up Coldiron. The units secure the perimeter. [...]

Billings case: Friday, July 10 – part 2

Billings case: Friday, July 10 – part 2

FAMILY TIES Friday, July 10 While Sheriff Morgan is holding his press conference, Investigator Lee Tyree is speaking with Kristyn Billings in one of the interview rooms. Kristyn, who graduated from Pine Forest High School in May, lives and works with Joe Chauncey. She gives Tyree an [...]

Billings recap: Later Thursday, July 9

Billings recap: Later Thursday, July 9

FAMILY FEUDS Investigator Terry Hardy arrives on the crime scene at 9:05 p.m. Sgt. Rusty Hoard has been named the lead on the case. Hardy, Tyree and Guy are to assist him. After being updated by Hoard, Hardy is asked to interview April Spencer, who lives in a trailer on the Billings [...]

Verizon buys Alltell for $5.9 billion

Locally Alltel will be retained and combined with Verizon Wireless’ operations, the company will continue to use the Alltel brand for the next several months, as it works to integrate networks, convert billing systems and upgrade high-speed wireless broadband service. Alltel customers will [...]

No Life in PNJ

The Pensacola News Journal has no Life section today. The Thursday edition has undergone its version of "The Biggest Loser" by dropping down from five sections (News, Local, Life, Sports and Classifieds) to three sections. Classifieds have been combined with Sports. Life has been divided between [...]

Buzz: Barrows gets 10pm slot

We've heard through the media grapevine that Mollye Barrows is the new 10pm co-anchor for WEAR TV3. She will continue with her 4pm also. Barrows had been banished from prime time after a series of investigations into the financial dealings of then-Sheriff Ron McNesby. If I remember correctly [...]

Ticket sports host convicted

Scott McKinney, co-host of "Southern Sports Tonight" and "Morning Wrap" on 98.1 FM The Ticket, pleaded guilty Jan. 2 to nine counts of theft and one count each of organized fraud, money laundering and racketeering. The Daily News reports: "Eight of the theft charges involved money taken from [...]

News Channel ratings

LA Times reports: "Fox News racked up its seventh straight year as the most-watched cable news channel, delivering an average prime-time viewership of 2.1 million, 40% more than 2007, according to data released Tuesday by Nielsen Media Research. CNN placed second with 1.3 million, up 69%, while [...]

50 things we now know

The Tampa Tribune put together this list of things we know now that we didn't know a year ago. Here are a few factoids on the list: After a decade of increases, the number of mobile phones being shipped to market is shrinking. Consumers are sticking with their phones longer. People in a [...]

Mika who?

Washington Post has a piece of Joe Scarborough's co-host Mika Brzezinski. The article describes how she texts friends and even Joe's wife Susan during the show while Joe is ranting about something. Mika was here last January when Rudy Guiliani was in town. She and Joe did their morning show from [...]

Scarborough gets radio show

Conservative radio can't wait for the Obama administration. Of course, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity can't wait, but others are waiting in the wings. Morning Joe Scarborough is set to convert his TV show with Mika Brzezinski to radio...Will WCOA, WEBY or 1620 get it? Fred Thompson - once the [...]

How journalism will survive

From Online Journalism Review: Activist newsrooms don't have to abandon journalistic principles, says Robert Niles. "They simply need to refocus on principles they should have been aspiring to all along -- such as accuracy, truth and justice," he writes. "Our reports must be factually accurate. [...]

Paperless Daily

Wall Street Journal reports that the Detroit Free Press and Detroit News may only publish web versions of its paper Mondays through Wednesdays and Saturdays. The papers are owned by Detroit Media Partnership L.P. - Gannett is the operating partner so except similar changes here if the [...]

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