200+ COVID cases daily new norm for Escambia

Escambia County has 211 new cases, another death and a positivity rate of 14.2% on 1364 test results for July 17.

On June 17, Escambia County only had 1,052 total COVID cases – a month later 5,557, 528% increase.


as of July 18 7/16/20 7/17/20 Increase
Total Cases        327,241    337,569     10,328
Fla Residents        323,002    332,201       9,199
Non-Fla.            4,239        4,368          129
Deaths Per DOH        4,895 90
Escambia            5,346        5,557          211
Okaloosa            1,698        1,753            55
Santa Rosa            1,740        1,822            82

2 thoughts on “200+ COVID cases daily new norm for Escambia

  1. It also serves as a solution for the universal healthcare debacle, Stop testing for all diseases – and eliminate the need for healthcare and consequential health insurance. What a win!

  2. Somebody should propose to Trump and DeSantis that they apply their problem-solving skills to their illegal immigration problem: deal with it like they’ve done covid.

    If you can solve covid by not testing, then why not solve illegal immigration by not counting. If you don’t have any idea how many are here, they aren’t here in any significant number.

    See how beautiful and perfect that works? No need for that failing wall after all.

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