Mask message from Walmart

Imagine if County Administrator Janice Gilley cared as much about her employees and the  public and sent out this message. We can’t get her to give us an accurate report on COVID-19 infections among county staff. Over $14 million of CARES Act funds have yet to be made available to households and small businesses. Sadly, her partisan politics overrule people’s health and our economic recovery.

Dear valued customer,

From the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, our priority has been the health and safety of both you and our associates.

Starting Monday, July 20, we will require all customers to wear a face covering while shopping in our stores. According to the CDC and other health officials, COVID-19 can be spread by people who do not have symptoms and don’t know they are infected. This is a simple step that we and other retailers are taking to help protect your safety and the safety of others.

You may already be wearing a face covering while you shop. In fact, about 65 percent of our stores are located in areas where there is some form of government mandate on face coverings.

We’ll have a health ambassador stationed near the entrance of our stores to help remind you of this policy. The ambassadors will be identifiable by their black polo shirts.

We also encourage you to try our pickup and delivery services, which do not require the use of a mask. Sign up through our app or

Thank you for being an important part of the Walmart family, and for your help in ensuring that shopping at our stores is a safe experience for all.

-The Walmart Customer Care Team

If you would like to see face masks required in county buildings and worn by county employees, here is Gilley’s email:

You might want to recommend she read our COVID-19 Ballsy Plan. Other Florida counties have begun distributing funds. Why is Escambia so behind and backward?