48 minutes with 48 Hours

I spoke with a producer from 48 Hours yesterday about the Billings case. We talked about the dozens of twists and weird angles in this story: the 17 children, the brutality of the murders, the histories of the suspects, Mexican mafia and overall seediness of the used car business in Pensacola. I’ve had similar conversations with reporters from CNN, Newsweek, NY Times and NBC News.

None of them can figure out why the PNJ is so quickly trying to label this crime a simple robbery. It was four weeks ago the PNJ declared on its front page that the investigation was over, while the rest of the media was seeing plenty to still examine.

The people I talk with in the national news are also surprised by the daily newspaper’s petulant attitude toward Sheriff David Morgan. Most of the media admires the job that he has done with the case.