Text of 2018 offense report: allegations of molestation, extortion

Here is the text of the April 2018 offense report concerning an investigation of then-Escambia teacher Susan Weddle for “possible Lewd and Lascivious molestation” and her countercharge that she was being extorted.

Eight months after the investigation, the Escambia County School District promoted Weddle to learning resource specialist, training other district teachers. On Monday, she was arrested charged with lewd and lascivious behavior, sexual assault and using a two-way communication device to facilitate a felony.

The report was heavily redacted. I’ve chosen to exclude other names in the report, even though they are public record, because they were not  interviewed by ECSO. The reporting officer is Jason Earl Comans.

On 04/02/2018, I received a report from the Pensacola Police Department regarding a possible Lewd and Lascivious molestation on V/_______, by S/ Susan Weddle 38 years old XX/XX/XXXX. The report stated V/_______disclosed an inappropriate relationship with his Teacher at _______.

I made contact with RP/_______ , who stated she initially reported this incident to PPD. RP/ _______stated V/ _______disclosed to OP/Sacrena-Lacresha Graham that he was having an inappropriate relationship with S/Weddle and that it has been going on for a year and a half. RP/ _______stated OP/Graham is upset with her for reporting this incident to the Police.

RP/_______stated she is trying to do the right thing. RP/_______stated S/Weddle bought V/ _______an iPhone 7 and a hoover board. RP/_______ stated V/_______ is always at her house and goes places with her.  RP/_______has seen S/Weddle lay her head on V/_______ chest and it was more of an intimate manner. RP/_______ stated V/_______ has _______ of V/ _______ and allows V/_______ to see _______ OP/Graham when she is not supposed to.

RP/ _______stated S/Weddle is also involved in a involved in an elaborate drug ring and theft ring with _______ and _______ XXXX and her boyfriend XXXX.

RP/_______ stated she had messages from S/Weddle to V/_______ and photos of them together. RP/_______ stated she would text them to my County cell phone. I later called S/Weddle who stated she would come to the Sheriff’s Office tomorrow to speak with me about this incident. Further Investigation is required.

On 04/04/2018, Escambia County School District Investigator Gary Marsh spoke with S/Susan Weddle on 04/04/2018 at _______ regarding an ongoing investigation with the school district. Gary Marsh recorded the statement with S/Weddle and advised her of the recording and swore her to her statement.

S/Weddle stated during Spring Break she was contacted by an unknown number who stated several people were trying to extort money from her. S/Weddle stated they wanted her to give them $20,000 or they would go to DCF or the Police, and S/Weddle stated that she dosen’t have that much money but she could give them $2,500.00. S/Weddle stated she told them that this was extortion and they could go to prison.

S/Weddle stated she gave them the $2,500.00 because she didn’t want her children to be involved in this. S/Weddle stated she knew who called her and it was Montana Graham. S/Weddle stated Montana Graham told her who was trying to extort money from her. S/Weddle stated Montana Graham told her it was XXXXX, and she doesn’t know the other name she would have to look it up on Facebook.

S/Weddle stated she knows Montana as _______of V_______ and she wanted to give her a heads up about what they were doing. S/Weddle stated she gave the money to Montana Graham and she gave it to them. S/Weddle stated she gave her the money at the Circle K at Mobile Hwy. and Massachusetts Ave. S/Weddle stated the money was in cash and nobody was with her. S/Weddle stated this happened on Saturday 03/31/2018 about 1400, and she drove her red Mercedes car.

S/Weddle stated she does not have a relationship with _______, he was a student and was friends with her son. S/Weddle stated V/_______used to come to her house and spend the night there. S/Weddle stated in September V/_______ expressed a desire for her not to communicate with V/_______.  S/Weddle stated V/_______ _______were involved in shoplifting at Walmart.

S/Weddle stated she thinks they had an idea that she turned them in. S/Weddle stated she has never tutored V/_______   and he has come into her classroom with his class. S/Weddle stated she would help V/_______ with his school work if he would be at her house if he asked her.

S/Weddle stated she has taken V/_______ to buy shoes for school and he would spend a lot of time last summer at her house and so would other boys. S/Weddle stated the boys were XXXX 13 years old, XXXX 14 years old, and XXXX unknown age. S/Weddle stated she communicated with _______  because she switched services and got a free iPhone and gave it to V/_______ .

S/Weddle stated she gave him the phone because he was going through things with his family. S/Weddle stated V/_______ called her “mom” and she took care of him. S/Weddle stated when she communicated with V/_______ it was through phone calls, and also through S/Weddle stated V/_______ would contact her when he was scared because the Police would be outside his house and things like that.

S/Weddle stated they did text each other but not much. S/Weddle stated V/_______ e-mailed her at the beginning of the year but doesn’t know if it was on her personal computer or not. S/Weddle stated she has everything typed in a document of what happened over the summer. The recording was then turned off.

Escambia County School District Investigator Gary Marsh stated S/Weddle has been suspended with pay pending investigation. Gary Marsh stated he was able to recover deleted e-mails from S/Weddle’s School Chrome Book laptop from 09/13/2017-09/22/2017. Gary Marsh then provided the e-mails to me to review. On 04/04/2018, I reviewed the hard copies of the e-mails between S/Weddle and V/_______ .

There were several e-mails stating V/ missed S/Weddle and loved her. I also observed other e-mails where S/Weddle would state that she missed V/_______ and would ask him to call her. Other e-mails from V/_______ asking S/Weddle for money to give so he could see S/Weddle.

I then made contact with S/Weddle on the phone and asked if she would come to the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office to speak with me regarding this incident. S/Weddle agreed to speak with me on 04/05/2018 at the Sheriff’s Office at 1330.

On 04/05/2018, S/Susan Weddle came to the Sheriffs Office voluntarily to speak with me regarding this case. S/Susan Weddle brought her attorney James Burns. S/Susan Weddle stated she is a teacher at _______ and V/_______ was a student who was good friends with her son. S/Susan Weddle stated V/_______ would spend the night with her son and spent a lot of time at her house. S/Susan Weddle stated she was also friends with OP/Montana Graham who is _______  V/_______.

S/Weddle stated she switched phone carriers in June 2017, and bought her son a new IPhone 6, and received a free IPhone 6, for changing services. S/Weddle stated she then gave the free phone to V/_______. S/Weddle stated the phone V/_______ had was still under her plan. S/Weddle stated V/_______ would text her occasionally and mostly just called her. S/Weddle stated V/_______ never communicated with her by email.

S/Weddle stated she has paid for OP/Montana Graham’s power bill, and a couple of weeks ago OP/Montana Graham called her and told her she needed to pay $2500.00 to keep her cousins XXXX and XXXX from speaking to Law Enforcement about an inappropriate relationship with V//_______ .

S/Weddle stated she then went to Insta Loan on Hwy 29 and Nine Mile Rd. and met OP/Montanan Graham at the Circle K at Mobile and Massachusetts to give her the money to give to XXXX and XXXX. S/Weddle stated the reason she gave them the money was because she did not want to drag her children through an investigation. S/Weddle stated she also was concerned about her status in the community being ruined.

S/Weddle stated she has never had an inappropriate relationship with V/_______ and thought of him like her own son. S/Weddle stated she does not speak with V/_______ anymore. S/Weddle stated she felt like V/_______ had a crush on her and that’s why this is happening. S/Weddle stated she feels like she is being extorted. S/Weddle was not able provide any further information regarding the extortion.

I then seized S/Weddle’s cell phone (Iphone6) and provided her with a seized property receipt. I then applied for a search warrant to have the phone forensically downloaded and searched for any evidence of an inappropriate relationship between her and V/_______ and any evidence of extortion on S/Weddle (see search Warrant Case # 18-009380).

It should be noted that the phone download was unable to provide any evidence of an inappropriate relationship between S/Weddle and V//_______ IT also did not provide any evidence of an extortion of S/Weddle. It should also be noted that the download revealed that a lot of items had been deleted and was able to be retrieved.

On 04/20/2018, I made contact with OP/Lisa Davis Young who is _______ V/_______ . OP/Young-Davis stated V/_______ has never disclosed that he was having an inappropriate relationship with S/Weddle. OP/Davis-Young stated over a year ago she observed an inappropriate message from S/Weddle to V/_______ and contacted the principal and did not want S/Weddle talking with V/_______ like that anymore. OP/Young-Davis stated she does not remember what the text said. OP/Davis-Young stated she thought that was taken care of by the principal and does not know of any other allegations.

On 04/22/2018, I made contact with OP/Montana Graham who stated she would bring V/_______ to the Sheriff’s Office to speak with me regarding this case, on 04/23/2018. OP/Montana Graham stated S/Weddle did give her $2500.00 to help her pay fines for being on probation and to help with her car note. OP/Montana Graham stated S/Weddle was good friends with her and has helped her in the past by paying for her power bill and food. OP/Montana Graham stated S/Weddle was also having a relationship with her (Montana Graham) boyfriend behind her back and felt bad about it and that’s another reason she helped her with her probation fines. OP/Montana Graham stated V/_______ has never disclosed to her about any inappropriate relationship with S/Weddle.

On 04/23/2018, V/_______ was brought to the Sheriff’s Office voluntarily to speak with me regarding this case. I then asked V/_______ if he knew the difference between the truth and a lie. V/_______ stated he does know the difference and promises to tell me the truth. V/_______stated he knows S/Weddle and is good friends with her son. V/_______ stated he liked going to S/Weddle’s house because they had video games he liked to play.

V/_______stated S/Weddle would buy him candy and stuff that wasn’t expensive. V/_______ stated S/Weddle never bought him a phone. I then asked him if she gave him a phone and he stated “no”. I then advised V/_______ that S/Weddle told me that she gave him an IPhone. V/_______ stated she gave it to him because she got it free.

V/_______ stated S/Weddle was special to him because she gave him a lot of stuff. V/_______ stated S/Weddle has never touched him inappropriately on his private part. V/_______ stated he has never touched S/Weddle like that either. V/_______ stated he did not know about any money that S/Weddle had paid OP/Graham or why.

At this time no further investigation is required due to V/_______ not disclosing to me or DCF Investigator, any inappropriate behavior and no evidence of extortion between S/Weddle and OP/Graham. Close this case as Leads Exhausted.