A Building Named Ernie Lee

The Escambia County downtown complex was renamed yesterday. It is now the Ernie Lee Magaha Governmental Complex.

During an afternoon ceremony, a crowd of about 100 people stood in front of the Palafox building, where a commemorative plaque was mounted.

Magaha—who lost his reelection bid this year—has served as the Escambia County Clerk of Court since 1957. In brief remarks, the longtime clerk thanked his family, staff and county taxpayers.

“I wish you could put all their names up there,” Magaha said, referencing the plaque.

Escambia County Commission Chairman Gene Valentino noted that he had lived in the county for five of Magaha’s terms. The chairman said the clerk should consider his years of service as “something you can hang your hat on and be proud of” and told Magaha that he had “put a mark in the sands of time.”