Volunteers Needed for Homeless Services

Press Release:

In conjunction with the annual Point in Time Count we will be holding a U-Count Day of Homeless Services at 2601 W. Strong St. This will be a day the homeless will be able to come and receive health screens, hygiene kits, and other services they may need. U-Count Day of Homeless Services will take place on January 24th. Esca Rosa Coalition on the Homeless is currently requesting donations for the U-Count Homeless Services Day.

Esca Rosa Coalition on the Homeless is currently looking for volunteers for the PIT 2013 count. The PIT stands for Point in Time count, a day where we try to obtain an accurate count of every homeless person in Escambia and Santa Rosa County. This is done through the use of surveys, but most importantly it is the volunteers who give these surveys to our homeless population. Volunteers will count homeless at shelters, food pantries, or going out into homeless camps. PIT 2013 will take place on January 23rd. If you would like to volunteer for the PIT 2013 count or our U-Count day of Homeless Services please register online at www.ecoh.org.

Donations Needed: socks, gloves, Chap Stick, small LED flashlights, duffle bags/backpacks, ponchos, candles, toilet paper, men’s clothing and blankets. Call 439-3009 or 232-9548 for drop-off information. You can also make a monetary donation at ecoh.org.



WHEN: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. January 24, 2013

WHERE: EscaRosa Coalition on the Homeless/Brownsville Baptist Church, 2601 W. Strong St.

DETAILS: 439-3009 or ecoh.org