All EDATE renewals in City of Pensacola and Escambia County are in ‘jeopardy’

Escambia County Property Appraiser Chris Jones has notified the businesses receiving Economic Development Ad Valorem Tax Exemptions (EDATEs) tied to Enterprise Zones that their properties may not be eligible for renewals.

In a letter dated Jan. 4, Jones wrote,”The Florida Legislature allowed the statute supporting the “Enterprise Zone” to sunset December 31, 2015.”

He said that the opinion issued by the Attorney General’s office in December “may jeopardize the renewal of your exemption for 2016.” Read AG Letter(12-17-15).

Local governments are required by law to renew the EDATEs annually. If the Enterprise Zones no longer exist, the EDATEs may not be eligible to be renewed.

He advised the business owners to contact city and county officials. Read EDATE_letter.

The businesses receiving EDATEs from the city are:
Genesis Property Holding set to expire 12/31/19
Rodney Rich & Co. 12/31/20
Cajun Speciality Meats 12/31/16
Landworks Investments 12/31/19
Leonard St. LLC 12/31/20
GC Property 12/31/17
Deepwater Bend 12/31/17
Cronimet Corp. 12/31/21

The businesses receiving EDATEs from the county are:
Genesis Property Holding 12/31/19
Rodney Rich & Co. 12/31/20
Landworks Investments 12/31/19