Anatomy of a city problem

The other appraisals for the airport hotel property came to light after attorney Bob Kerrigan made a request this morning of Airport Director Frank Miller of any and all appraisals for the property in question.

“I wasn’t out to cause any problem,” says Kerrigan in a telephone interview. “I was doing what any prudent person would do.”

“The test is so basic. If you and your family had an asset that was in your family for hundreds of years, you would want to get the most for it.”

“This land is said to be the center of the airport development. Wouldn’t you want to do it right?”

Kerrigan said that he had no problem getting the information that he requested and was frankly surprised that it caused such a stir. He doesn’t fault Julian MacQueen (Sandspur Development) for making the deal.

“Getting a Hyatt at the airport may be the best thing for the community,” Kerrigan said.

Tomorrow night the Pensacola City Council is scheduled to vote on the Sandspur-Airport agreement. Staff has been scrambling to call council members to get ahead of this breaking story.

Stay tuned.