Too much to think tonight

This week is a microcosm of what is wrong with City of Pensacola government and the current city council.

Staff hid from the city council the fact that there were other higher appraisals for the airport hotel property. The Enterprise Committee – Jack Nobles, Mike DeSorbo, Marty Donovan and Mike Wiggins – didn’t ask if there were any other appraisals. Only Mike Wiggins asked to delay the decision. Who is looking out for the citizens?

Halcorp and the Port of Pensacola Users Associations made contributions to the campaign accounts of several council people. They contributed to a PAC run by Movement for Change and heavily supported by Councilman Sam Hall. Halcorp will be given an extension on its Port lease this week. Who is looking out for the citizens?

There is an arrogance in Pensacola city government. It’s that arrogance that cost several of them their council seats. People voted for change, but the seating, lame duck council flicks them off. It gives one more round of seemingly insider deals.

These are perfect examples of why the public no longer trusts this council. To get something, you contribute to council campaign accounts or make friends with key staff members. Nothing is clean. No rules or policies are consistently applied.

These deals should be tabled until the new council takes office.

Unfortunately, both measures will probably pass overwhelmingly.