And then the primary got weird

Republican Mike Hill, a former State Representative who is running for the Florida House District 1 seat, yesterday posted a live video on Facebook. Hill is standing in front of the City of Pensacola’s Confederate monument, with a replica of President Donald Trump’s Walk of Fame Star and announcing that he’s bringing it to Pensacola.

“I want you to join me, Pensacola, see what we’re doing here,” he said. Then he stops to get his supporter to redirect the camera.

“Okay, Pensacola, I want you to be able to see the Trump star,” said Hill. “As you can see, Pensacola, I have the Trump star. We’re bringing it here to Pensacola. We’re going to lay it here. Trump’s an awesome president, and we’re going to show our support and respect for our president.”

He continued, “Hollywood doesn’t want his star. We want it here.”

The camera then panned to a Mike Hill campaign sign. “Also, I want you to see you vote for Mike Hill. You get me in office. When I’m in office, then I’ll be able to do even more to make sure this star gets here and that it stays here.”

Hill ends with a cheer. “Let’s go Pensacola. Let’s make this work. Thank you.”

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