Are you kidding me?

We are hearing the Escambia County Commission will turn down the $3M+ COPS Hiring Recover Program grant that will fund 20 additional deputies over three years. Yes, the deputies will have to be retained once the grant is up, but that is the only catch.

With all the news about gangs, drive-by shootings, home invasions, Mexican drug cartels, it is truly unbelievable that the county commission would turn down these federal dollars.


The County Commission will spend millions keeping a One Stop Center open that no one is using yet will not support this effort to protect the citizens that costs the taxpayers nothing until 2012.

The drugs entering this county are coming from Atlanta through Kevin White’s district. The gangs and drive-bys are happening in Marie Young’s district and on the west side in parts of Robertson’s and Valentino’s districts. Pensacola Beach is in Grover Robinson’s district and would greatly benefit from more deputies.

* District 1
Wilson Robertson
(850) 595-4910
* District 2
Gene Valentino
(850) 595-4920
* District 3
Marie Young (Chair)
(850) 595-4930l
* District 4
Grover Robinson (Vice Chair)
(850) 595-4940
* District 5
Kevin White
(850) 595-4950