FWB suspects don’t fit – updated

The involvement of four Fort Walton Beach black men with the home invasion and murder of Bud and Melanie Billings doesn’t fit with what I am hearing about Leonard “Lenny” and Patrick Gonzalez. My sources have told me that both are racists.

In the documents released by the State Attorney, Sue Ann Matthews, a girlfriend of Frank Gonzalez (Lenny’s brother), says in her statement, “I knew Leonard did not like black people.”

Jerry Wood told investigators, “Patrick don’t fool with black people either.”

The documents report that the investigation has revealed that Donald Stallworth and Gary Sumner may possibly be involved in other criminal activity, specifically robberies in the Fort Walton Beach area dating back several years.

“Throughout 2005, there was a rash of home invasion robberies around Okaloosa County. The suspects appeared to be targeting narcotics violators who were believed to be holding large amounts of cash.”

The robberies involved black males wearing dark clothing and ski masks.

On Sept. 5, Luis Magana-Gonzalez- a known drug dealer and Mexican national- was killed in his apartment in Fort Walton Beach. Before he died, he identified his attackers as two black men. Police found a Taurus 9mm handgun at the scene and traced it to James Calzo, who was active duty USAF. Calzo claimed that he had sold it to Adrian Watson, who was stationed at Hurlburt in early 2005.

The murder remains unsolved.

Stallworth worked in the same squadron as Watson. However, we have learned that Stallworth was serving in Afghanistan in 2005.

How did Stallworth and Sumner really link up with Gonzalez? I suspect this band of criminals is not as random as the authorities have told us.