Barney Frank scandal very different from Foley

I’ve heard Luke “Angry White Man” McCoy and others keep saying. “Democrats didn’t do anything about Barney Frank”…or “Well, Foley isn’t any worse than Frank”

No, there is a big difference. Foley pursued 16 year old House pages. Frank had an affair with a male escort.

Here are the basic facts surrounding the 1989 scandal:

Back in 1985, Barney Frank had engaged the services of a male escort named Stephen Gobie. Over the next two years, he and Gobie carried on an affair, during which time Frank hired Gobie as a driver. Frank used his House privileges to fix Gobie’s parking tickets. Gobie repaid Frank by running a prostitution service out of Frank’s Capitol Hill apartment. When Frank discovered this, he fired him and ended their relationship. Then, in 1989, two years after Frank’s announcement that he was gay, Gobie told his story to the Moonie owned Washington Times

Frank admitted what he’d done and took his case to the House ethics committee, which recommended a reprimand by the full House. The punishment was handed down in 1990.