BCC meetings tomorrow, encourages social distancing but not masks

The Escambia County Board of Commissioners will hold several meetings Thursday, July, 16. Public Forum will begin at 8:30 a.m., followed by the BCC Regular Meeting at 9 a.m.

All meetings will take place in the board chambers of the Ernie Lee Magaha Government Building, found on the first floor of 221 Palafox Place. Click here to view the commission meeting agenda and support documents.

The public is strongly encouraged to practice physical distancing during the meetings. This meeting will be streamed live and archived online for virtual viewing.

However, County Administrator Janice Gilley doesn’t do the same for face masks. She simply mentions – “Florida Department of Health Public Health Advisory recommends all individuals in Florida should wear masks in any setting where physical distancing is not possible…”

So the public isn’t required to physically distance in the chambers – but is strongly encouraged.

Not so for face coverings:

  • Face masks aren’t encouraged by the county in chambers – neither weakly nor strongly.
  • Face masks are recommended by FDOH – not Gilley – but only if you don’t physically distance, according to the meeting announcement.

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3 thoughts on “BCC meetings tomorrow, encourages social distancing but not masks

  1. It’s more than shameful. It’s total ignorance to see the numerous deaths in our country & some of the county employees getting sick with the virus. When do they do their job and protect the citizen that elect them? I am so disappointed in seeing people I personally know getting sick. It’s already hitting Florida hard because the federal government, failed to make it safe. But the local government has also failed. Please this is serious, take care of the people who voted you in. Close everything down and make it mandatory to wear a mask. Please listen to the scientists and care about human beings first.

  2. I wrote this email to 2 commissioners yesterday, and it has yet to be answered: I am writing to you to inquire about our county health department. The governor’s order stated that local health departments would be providing guidance on when it is safe to re-open schools.
    As an Escambia County public school teacher, I stand ready to teach students on August 10- however, the spike in numbers of cases has given us quite a cause for alarm. Additionally, we were alarmed to read the news story that employees of the County Health Department are themselves infected and might not be following CDC guidelines.
    My questions are:
    1. What steps are county commissioners and staff taking to ensure the safest conditions for citizens and staff possible at county health department service sites?
    2. What guidance will the county health department be giving to our school system?
    3. What is the number of positive cases and/or deaths acceptable before the county issues guidance that schools must give instruction remotely?
    4. If the county health department is governed by the state, how will you be advocating on our behalf for putting the health and safety of school children first, above all else, in Escambia County?
    Thank you for your time and your response.

  3. How sinful of them not to require masks. They should listen to the new and improved Fauci, not the old and ignorant Fauci.

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