Biden running away with Florida primary

In the latest Inweekly/Political Matrix poll of 898 likely Florida Democrat voters, Joe Biden blows away Bernie Sanders –  67.6%-15.4%.  Biden has seen his support jump 35 points since the last poll done on Feb. 27.  Sanders has dropped 8.2 points.

8-Mar 27-Feb Change
Joe Biden 67.6% 32.6% 35.0%
Bernie Sanders 15.4% 23.6% -8.2%
Other/Undecided 17.0% 43.8% -26.8%

Among the 363 respondents that had already voted, Biden led Sanders 61.9% to 13.5%.

Already Voted     Total      %
Joe Biden              225 61.9%
Bernie Sanders                49 13.5%
Other/Undecided                89 24.6%

The persons sampled were likely Florida Democrat Party voters with a voting score of 100% for the general election cycles. The voters called had cell phones and landlines using an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system during the hours of 5-8 p.m. on March 8, 2020. The Margin of Error for this study is +/ 5.5% with a confidence level of 95%.

A statewide survey by the Florida Atlantic University Business and Economics Polling Initiative (FAU BEPI) showed Biden had increased his support to 61%,  Sanders was 25%.

St. Pete Polls last week had Biden at 61% and Sanders at 12%.