Bizarre Childers sighting

ATU 1395 Union president Mike Lowery shared  Escambia County Clerk of Courts Pam Childers’ bizarre appearance at  the ECAT ATU 1395 collective bargaining session on Friday, June 25.

The clerk’s office usually sends a representative to the bargaining sessions who only observes. Childers has never shown up.

Lowery said Childers loudly and aggressively complained to a union representative before the meeting about Lowery and his role in the firing of County Administrator Janice Gilley. When the negotiation teams arrived, Childers said she needed to speak her mind but was cut off by Interim County Administrator Wes Moreno, according to Lowery.

“When they started the meeting and turned on the recorder, Ms.Childers sat on the side, glaring at me,” said Lowery. “Really weird.”

Childers campaigned in the media for Gilley to keep her job as it became clear that the majority of county commissioners had lost confidence in Gilley’s leadership and ability to run county operations.

The ATU  Union 1395 unanimously voted that the commissioners remove Gilley.

Maybe Andy Marlette’s  Wonder Woman cartoon has gone to her head.


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