BP ad: We will make it right

Full page ads are running across the country, except for the IN, that declare “BP has taken full responsibility for cleaning up the spill in the Gulf of Mexico.” The black and white ad, which probably cost 25 percent of my total ad revenue in our May 27 issue, has a photo of workers laying boom.

The words in the ad are reassuring. Unfortunately the actions of the multi-billion dollarr oil giant belie the real actions of BP. Read the reports from Louisiana, listen to Gov. Jindel and you will see what I mean.

BP is spending massive amounts of money on this, but where, for what and with whom? I visited Dauphin Island, Ala. yesterday. Their staging area had six security guards standing around guarding what? In a nearby restaurant out-of-town contractors were downing high balls, discussing their per diems and laughing about how this was a vacation for them.

And who knows how much the BP Barbies are paid?

The ad did give the BP websites: www.bp.com; www.deepwaterhorizonresponse.com; Hot Lines Oil on shoreline: 866-448-5816; Impacted wildlife 866-557-1401; Claims 800-440-0858

Also BP has created individual websites for each state, ours is www.floridagulfresponse.com

Buried in the classifieds of the News Journal is a much more informative and direct legal notice. It says that any claims that are denied or that not resolved wihin 90 days after the date of submission to BP Exploration claim representative may be submitted to the US Coast Guard STOP 700 (ca), 4200 Wilson Boulevard Suite 1000, Arlington, Va 20596-7100 for consideration.

It seems like BP should be required to add this to all its print ads.