Next option has risk

The new option that BP has for the Deepwater Horizon well is to cut off a kinked portion of the riser and attempt to lower a device over the area that will allow BP to try and capture a substantial amount of the oil leaking out.

The President issued the following statement yesterday: “This approach is not without risk and has never been attempted before at this depth. That is why it was not activated until other methods had been exhausted. It will be difficult and will take several days.”

The St. Pete Times reports:

Experts have said that a bend in the damaged riser likely was restricting the flow of oil somewhat, so slicing it off and installing a new containment valve is risky.

“If they can’t get that valve on, things will get much worse,” said Philip W. Johnson, an engineering professor at the University of Alabama.

Johnson said he thinks BP can succeed with the valve, but added: “It’s a scary proposition.”

Meanwhile BP COO Doug Suttles says, “We’re confident the job will work but obviously we can’t guarantee success.”

I would expect BP to say nothing less….just another page from the BP Blueprint. Let’s hope he really means this time.

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