BP responds to Coast Guard for more capacity

A letter dated June 13 from Doug Suttles to the USCG on the additional options for creating more capacity to capture oil and increase redundancy:

1) An FPSO (floating production, storage and offloading unit) will be mobilized from South America. Capacity 21K barrels per day. ETA 4 weeks.
2) Two Lightering Tankers have mobilized from Europe on June 11- only one of site now.
3) 3,800-ft. of 6″ coflexip mobilized from Brazil on June 11 – provides redundancy.

He also repeats information the two permanent riser systems being installed and how they add capacity. The best we can hope for is about 80,000 barrels being captured a day by mid July. He does make it clear that in the event of a hurricane all the systems will have to be suspended, meaning the oil will flow.

Read letter.