Suttles outlines plan

On the Deepwater Horizon Response website, BP reveals its new plan for capturing more oil in letter from BP COO Doug Suttles.

Temporary Riser System that was attached last week is capturing 15,000-18,000 barrels of oil per day (Suttles calls it “Element 1”) and flowing it back to the Discoverer Enterprise. BP plans to use the Choke line (Element 2) on BOP to capture an additional 5,000-10,000 barrels daily. A third element involves the flow of hydrocarbons from the Kill Line on the BOP to the Clear Leader drillship. The oil is stored, gas is flared – This is another 5,000-10,000 barrels daily.

By Mid-June, Elements 1 and 2 will result in a capacity of 20K-28K barrels of oil per day.
By Mid-July, Elements 1,2 and 3 will result in a capacity of 25K-38K barrels of oil per day.

Permanent Riser System
Requires two separate riser systems to be connected to the newly installed subsea manifold and two floating production vessels: Toisa Pisces (contracted May 21) and Helix Producer (June 8).

Construction of Riser #1 began on May 15. Its installation begins June 15 and will be hooked up to the Toisa Pisces by the end of June (capacity 20K-25K barrels daily). The tanker Loch Rannoch was commissioned on May 27. Construction of Riser #2 began on June 7. It will be hooked up to the Helix Producer by the mid July (capacity 20K-25K barrels daily). Its tanker has been named. The two elements will give BP 40K-50K barrel per day capacity by mid-July.

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