Breaking news: City can remove Confederate monument – updated

The City of Pensacola can remove the Confederate monument in Lee Square after Federal Judge M. Casey Rodgers ruled yesterday that the Ladies Memorial Association Inc. and other plaintiffs lacked standing.

The plaintiffs failed to show any legally protected interest in the city’s proposed removal plan, according to Judge Rodgers who dismissed their lawsuit without prejudice and dissolved a temporary restraining order by Circuit Court Judge Gary Bergosh.

Read Monument Ruling.

Update: Mayor Grover Robinson told Inweekly, “We appreciate the court’s immediate attention to this matter, and we respect the court’s ruling. The City will be moving forward with hiring a contractor for the removal of the monument per City Council’s decision. The City will take the utmost care to ensure the monument is removed in a respectful manner.”


3 thoughts on “Breaking news: City can remove Confederate monument – updated

  1. Joan, I truly believe that you do not realize the comment indicating that anybody who wants that monument down is just a dupe of “outside forces” is a profound insult. As if the people in this community don’t have the wherewithal to feel and think the way we do without coming from some global conspiracy to put those thoughts in our heads.

    Are your opinions being phoned in from the Kremlin?

    No doubt there are people mocking Kirk Herbstreit for his emotional appeal during College Game Day that other white people wake the hell up out of their fugue. I know that without even looking for it–in fact, while actively avoiding the pages and people who throw down that sort of thing so as not to become angry and disgusted, and to stay focused on his message.

    “The Black community is hurting. If you’ve listened. How do you listen to these stories and not feel pain and not want to help?”

    He references a quote that is probably misattributed to Benjamin Franklin. The power of the words is not diluted by the uncertainty around which genius of clear thinking and empathy penned them:

    “Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.”

  2. What a shame. The monument was a erected as a means for the defeated south to make amends to rejoin the union at the time. Will the country ever really realize the depths and scars of a civil war?. Here we go again. Can we really have a real conversation? Things took place because yes, slaves were freed. Think about it.. Society needed to adjust after that. There are outside forces pushing other agendas on the USA now using this and we should all know it. They are using the history of western civilization to push an an agenda for communism. Support the republic. It’s all we have.

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