4 thoughts on “Breaking News: Grover Robinson files for Mayor

  1. When I had my first town hall meeting in April, 2011 it was about Burgess Rd. Ashton Hayward said he would attend. The meeting was published in the newspaper and in flyers that the community distributed. When 6:30pm arrived, Hayward was no where to be seen. I had just seen him the morning of the meeting and he told me he would be there. He never showed up. But, Grover Robinson showed up. Grover made sure Burgess and Sanders Street got a 4 way stop at the deadly intersection. Grover made sure that sidewalks where installed on the county side of Sander’s Street so school children would safely walk to school. Grover made sure that the county put up $350,000.00 for its portion of putting sidewalks on Burgess Rd. I have only had one meeting with Ashton Hayward since. He has never responded to any of the letter’s I have sent him regarding my budget request. Every year, I have asked for money for Burgess Rd. No response from him – not one. When the council finally agreed to give District 2 $1.6 million of LOST (a small amount compared with what the the other districts get) Ashton Hayward’s city Administrator argued against it. Ashton Hayward, and the city council (both present and before the change of government) have expressed a total lack of concern for any issues that impact District 2 residents. The only public officials who has cared about District 2 is Grover. Grover selected the Carpenter’s Creek/Bayou Texar RESTORE project for funding. Ashton Hayward has not even include that project on the list of city projects on the City’s website. I honestly believe, the if it is up to Ashton Hayward, the Burgess Rd., project will never be implement. Thank you Grover for everything you have done for my district. Sherri Myers, Uptown Pensacola, City Councilwoman, District 2

  2. Grover is very trustworthy, proved during the oil spill and after that no one is better at championing the best interest of our community than Grover, and has no difficulty diving into the detail to find the right solution. As mayor you gotta be thick skinned because you are the target….I think Grover has grown into that kind of leader.

  3. I agree, Grover is a very honorable person. Maybe Hayward will not run, knowing he will be beat

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