Breaking news: Student arrested with gun at Booker T. Washington High School

Pensacola Police have confirmed that a Booker T. Washington High student was arrested yesterday after he was found with a gun on campus.

The rumors are rampant. (See update below)

We have asked for clarification from the Pensacola Police and Norm Ross Deputy Superintendent.

Stay tuned.


Later updates:
Washington High principal did not tell parents about gun in school
Audio, transcript of Washington High robocall
Police report on Washington High incident
Other principals do not hesitate to inform parents about guns on campus

A relative of the boy who originally brought the handgun on the Washington High School campus called Inweekly to say that the student had not intention of  hurting anyone but himself. He planned to do it off campus.

She said that William Caldwell took the gun away from him to save his life. Caldwell was arrested and charged with possession of a firearm on school property, a third degree felony.

As of this morning, school officials had not fully notified parents or students about the Tuesday incident or held an assembly to deal with the rumors.



7 thoughts on “Breaking news: Student arrested with gun at Booker T. Washington High School

  1. Tracy: your job is not important to the safety of my grand daughter who is a student at BTWHS. Dr. Roberts was wrong for not informing us parents that the school aloud a student with a killing weapon on two days on the campus. Do you and Dr. Roberts consultant with the NRA before said notifications was release to us Parents. Same on you and Dr. Roberts.

  2. This is not true! He planned to shoot himself in the cafeteria and his friend took the gun so no one got hurt.

  3. BTWHS- why am I finding out about this on Facebook?!?! As a parent of a student stbyour school, this is unacceptable!

  4. I work at Booker T. this situation was handled appropriately. I support Dr.Roberts he maintained safety for students and staff.

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