1 thought on “Breaking news: Tate High to no longer use Confederate flag on programs

  1. What else do the perpetually offended want to cancel?
    Pensacola City of Five Flags

    The Spanish fleet under the command of Don Tristan de Luna y Arellano arrived in the area of present-day Pensacola in 1559, was severely damaged by one of our little storms in 1561, and the remnants went back to Mexico.

    Also Presidio Santa Maria de Galve on what is now NAS Pensacola — the city was under Spanish colonial rulers until 1719.

    The French took the keys to the city in 1719, but they gave it back to the Spain in 1722.

    The British tried their hand at holding the city from 1763 until they were forced to leave in 1781. Spain allied itself with France and the fledgling American Colonies and took the city with forces from Cuba.

    Spain gave up Pensacola and Florida in 1821 to the United States. They never found gold or the Fountain of Youth, and the Spanish government was constantly being attacked by American groups.

    Florida became a state on July 4, 1845, but decided that was a bad idea in 1861 and seceded.

    In May of 1862 Pensacola was again under the control of the United States, and has remained under the American flag since.

    Pensacola calls itself the City of Five Flags, based on the Spanish, French, British, Confederate, and United States periods.

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