Buzz: Murzin or Benson to replace Valentino

The Buzz from Tallahassee is that Gov. Charlie Crist will appoint either Dave Murzin or Holly Benson to replace Gene Valentino, who was indicted earlier today for allegedly soliciting campaign contributions in his office.

Benson is running for Florida Attorney General, but has little chance of beating Lt. Governor Jeff Kottkamp for the GOP nomination. She could drop out of that race and get permission from her contributors to keep the funds for a county commission race.

State Rep. Dave Murzin is an interesting possibility, but he doesn’t live in the district so he couldn’t run for the post. There is no future in it for him. However, one source is adamant that Murzin has the inside track. Murzin is currently running for State Senate.

I’m not so sure how this will play out, especially if Crist switches to running for U.S. Senate as an Independent. Crist will want to appoint someone who will win financial support for his campaign. Appointing a loyal Republican may not be the best pick.