Buzz: Oil is in the Intercoastal waterway

EOC has delayed the press conference so we’re waiting to get more information. I was asked not to send my report on the conference call, but I felt the news was too important to pass.

Three skimmers, USS Cypress and the Vessels of Opportunity are ready to help catch the oil in the bay. Escambia County is installing secondary booms inside the inland bays and on the Intercoastal.

Skimming and absorbent operations have been activated – what Commissioner Valentino is describing as Task Force #2 (five miles in the Gulf), Task Force #4 (20 miles out) and Task Force #3 (200 yards off of Florabama area).

County is footing the bill for all booming and other equipment and will worry about reimbursement and approval from BP later.

Contractors have been activated for overnight activities.

Perdido Pass – concerned over level of communication, again the Unified Command failed to notify Escambia County when oil entered that pass which is east of the Florida border.

Valentino says that an ABC News reporter called about the ankle-deep oil at the Florabama. I have sent IN reporter Sean Boone to the area.