Campaign Finance Reports: Hayward buys up radio and tv

You can expect to see and hear more from Mayor Ashton Hayward. His latest campaign finance report shows that he has paid for $35,000 for radio and television advertising. Total spent $51,525.25 in week.

His opponent, Donna Clark, spent $1038 during the same week.

Campaign Treasurer’s Report – Itemized Expenditures
10/13/14 Piryx, Inc.-Transaction fees: $28.75
10/15/14 Data Targeting Research, LLC-Survey- analysis: $2,500.00
10/15/14 Data Targeting Research, LLC-Strategic- consulting: $6,900.00
10/15/14 Data Targeting Research, LLC- Design/management mail pieces: $7,096.50
10/15/14 Multi Media Services, Inc.- Television ads: $25,000.00
10/17/14 Multi Media Services, Inc.- Radio ads: $10,000.00